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Dynamo™ Real Estate Edition is the leading CRM software for private equity real estate funds, seamlessly managing assets including private equity, opportunistic funds and REITs. Dynamo™ instantly delivers intuitive real estate-specific capabilities needed to manage funds, deal properties, and relationships with investors and third parties.

Dynamo™ is a Cloud platform built with an open architecture, and deployed quickly with hands-off maintenance requirements in both single and multi-office environments. Users further benefit from Dynamo’s™ fluid integration with Outlook® and the Microsoft Office® suite, backed by a full time dedicated implementation team’s expertise in configuring the platform for any firm’s fund-specific needs. The result is a CRM solution that real estate fund managers find easy to use and painless to adopt.



Track Compliance Progress

Populate fields based on contact types for completion in preparation of compliance.


Identify Compliance Gaps

Run included reports to identify contacts and records that are missing critical data points.


Ensure Execution of Tasks

Assign and track task completion for gathering compliance-mandated answers.


Be Prepared for Change

Include anticipated compliance-specific fields for completion by IR.

dynamo compliance screenshot

Dynamo’s™ configurability and industry-specific complex relationship tracking makes the Cloud platform ideal for maintaining compliance best practices for both current and future mandates. Regular updates afford ongoing additions to compliance functionality to include specific features for FATCA, Form PF, and KYC.

Data Integration and Analysis


Expand Your Investor Universe

Sync prospective investors data with Dynamo™ for strategic fundraising campaigns.


Maximize Prospective Deals

Store and create alerts of new investment opportunities from third party providers.


Aggregate & Purpose Portfolio Data

Collect portfolio data, analyze performance, and compare to benchmarks.


Upload & Export Your Key Data

Dynamo™ offers a suite of add-ins, wizards, and sync agents for Excel® data management.

dynamo data integration and analysis

Dynamo™ can aggregate both qualitative and quantitative data to help you expand your prospective investor universe, deal pipeline, portfolio data, and portfolio analysis. Dynamo™ can easily import or export your data through Excel™. ContentDynamo™ can automatically sync contact data of prospective investors from leading third party providers to help you research, define, and execute targeted campaigns. Through ContentDynamo™ you can aggregate prospective investments, or collect portfolio company data through secure exposed data fields. To better understand your fund performance, Dynamo™ offers bundled reporting, ad hoc report creation, and OLAP reporting through DynamoAnalytics™ for comprehensive portfolio analysis and visual reporting.

Deal Management


Organize & Leverage Your Network

Optimize all relevant information for critical contacts to ensure easy access.


Command Your Property Acquisition Pipeline

Organize all facets of deal tracking from sourcing to acquisition, lending, and disposition.


Maximize External Deal Referrals

Analyze the best sources for premium deals to optimize your deal due diligence.


Simplify Recurring Reporting Processes

Automate internal reporting by scheduling recurring reports for deal pipelines and more.

real estate deal management software

Dynamo™ Real Estate Edition offers deal management best practices honed serving the alternative assets industry since 1998. Dynamo™ can efficiently consolidate research and opportunities sourced from your existing network in addition to integrate with external industry sources to identify new deal opportunities. Seamless fusion with the Microsoft Office® suite provides a direct and simple deal pipeline management solution for all prospective investment data.

Fundraising and Marketing


Simplify the Search for Prospects

Identify ideal potential investors based on established preferences and history.


Extensively Search Your Database

Perform ad hoc queries instantly using multiple criteria, including geography and event history.


Stay Top of Mind with Investors

Keep investors updated on your firm’s performance with periodic emails and direct mailings.


Evaluate Your Fundraising Efforts

Manage your fundraising pipeline and centralize committed amounts.

real estate investment fundraising software

Dynamo™ Real Estate Edition empowers real estate fund managers with the ability to intelligently execute your fundraising communications and events. Users are able to easily match prospects with lucrative fund opportunities through investment type preference profiles, and strategically target investors while on travel to maximize your efforts. Advanced communication features and powerful reporting can all be leveraged through Microsoft Outlook® for generating compelling prospective client correspondence.

Investor Relations


Consolidate All Investor Data

Review key contacts and reports in a single dashboard.


Create and Circulate Timely Reporting

Distribute capital calls, quarterly reports and other investor documents instantly and accurately.


Ensure Prompt Task Execution

Prevent critical activities from being missed with follow-up reminders and flags.


Immediate Access to Account Data

Utilize Dynamo’s™ waterfall calculation engine or sync financial records from your accounting system.

real estate online investor reporting portal

Dynamo™ Real Estate Edition is an industry-specific CRM solution with comprehensive investor relations management capabilities. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook®, Dynamo™ enables you to quickly capture contacts, correspondence, and documents. The platform can also be accessed through all smartphones and tablet devices, offering a complete management experience in the office, at home, and on the road.

Lease Management


Offer Ideal Opportunities

Quickly locate available inventory by matching prospects’ criteria to property characteristics.


Centralize Leasing

Capture activities and documents, and link them to pertinent units and tenants for easy review.


Collaborate Efficiently

Opt in brokers and lawyers to Dynamo™, and enable them to view and update data.


Aggregate Your Data

Capture rent rolls, leases, and other property info, or upload from your back-end system.

real estate lease management software

Dynamo™ Real Estate Edition condenses the leasing cycle and maximum occupancy rates for real estate investment firms by improving the efficiency of the internal team and centralizing the collaboration with external parties. Dynamo’s™ ability to consolidate all leasing management functions is further enhanced by seamless integration with external data sources, and versatile data management.



Track Your Communications

Send, receive and log emails from within Dynamo™ records.


Key Records

Access profile and contact info, activity histories, and relationships.


GPS Functionality

Plot the address of multiple companies or contacts on a single map.


Report Access

Immediately view full-color performance charts and graphs.

alternative investment management mobile application

The DynaMobile™ application provides Dynamo™ Real Estate Edition users with a robust platform for efficiently managing their properties from remote locations. Users are able to access all of the report templates and saved dashboard views present in the core Dynamo™ system, and deliver updates and records throughout the firm in real time from their smartphone or tablet. Click-to-call functionality also empowers DynaMobile™ users to instantly touch base with important contacts through the app.

Partnership Accounting


Leverage Powerful Calculations

Calculate capital calls, run distributions, and allocate expenses.


Optimize Distribution Management

Assign distributions through waterfall calculations per investor preferences including cash, reinvestment and partial reinvestment.


Provide Investors with Transparency

Generate distribution letters and capital calls to send via email, or post to a secure Investor Portal.


Automate Large Sets of Transactions

Perform fund-wide calculations and export to Excel®, or sync with third-party applications

real estate partnership accounting software

Dynamo’s™ calculation engine complements the CRM capabilities and enabled fund managers to streamline and automate the entire partnership accounting process — from commitments, to capital calls, through statement generation, and waterfall calculated distributions — all based on user-defined parameters

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